Dash 2 Trade is the Bloomberg Terminal Crypto Has Been Waiting For

Dash 2 Trade is the Bloomberg Terminal Crypto Has Been Waiting For

Positioning itself as the ‘Bloomberg Terminal for crypto’ – but minus the $2,000 a month subscription, Dash 2 Trade is bringing the functionality and feature-set of a fully professional analytics and intelligence suite to the ordinary crypto trader.

Bloomberg Terminal (Part 1) – Quick Introduction to Basic Functions

Today we are looking at the Bloomberg Terminal and some basic functions in the software which will be useful to those who are interested or soon expect to use a Bloomberg. This is, by no means, an exhaustive introduction and is very much improvised.

Free alternative to the Bloomberg Terminal !? #shorts

FREE Bloomberg Terminal Alternative, OpenBB �� #shorts

Bloomberg just raised their prices to $30,000 a year, but Open BB is open-source software that is available completely free of charge. The project was first started by Didier Lopes when he was shocked that there were no centralized finance tools like Bloomberg available to retail traders. He saw the massive wave during the Gamestop mania and decided to start an open-source solution which he later rebranded to Open BB.

The project first launched as a CLI tool that uses API keys to conduct analysis in one place. Users are able to access company financials, technical indicators, and economic data by typing commands. The company also built a discord bot and recently released an SDK that makes it even easier to integrate into personal code. Even if you don’t know how to program just yet. There is tons of documentation making it incredibly easy to get started. While Bloomberg may take months to update their software, Open BB makes continuous improvements thanks to its network of open-source contributors.
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Dash 2 Trade AI Crypto Platform Price Prediction | What Next For D2T?

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Dash 2 Trade AI Crypto Platform Price Prediction | What Next For D2T?

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